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Sunday, August 22, 2010

Homemade Oreo Cookies....Made with Love for my Nephews!

So, one of my nephews is a freshman this year at WVU and I've been waiting to send college care packages for years.  My husband's mother sent him THE best care packages when we were in college and I want to pay her homage by sending fabulous care packages to my nephews. 

I sent my nephews Dad an email asking what he might like in a care package, chocolate chip cookies, brownies, etc.  Nope, this kid is a picky eater, according to his Dad.  He gave me a short list; skittles, oreos, cinnamon rolls and banana bread.  Oreos being one of his very favorites.  I simply could NOT just go purchase Oreos!  I went straight to smitten kitchen and found what I needed; a home-made oreo cookie recipe that sounded wonderful! You can see the recipe at

My other nephew is just starting a full-time job and will be applying to FSU, so I figured he needs some care packages too!  I don't know if he likes oreos, but I KNOW he'll like these home-made ones. 

He once counted how many girl scout cookies were in the box at his house so he'd know how many his Mother and I ate while he was in bed!  Alec...I counted these cookies, and I expect you to eat every morsel!

You MUST make these cookies, they are OH, SO, VERY, GOOD! 

Jack and McKenzie tasting the first cookies.